Monday, August 31, 2009

Position, position, position

I had my first dressage lesson in 4 years today- yay! I need to record a tape that says over and over, "left hand UP, left shoulder UP". And to shorten my left rein. How did this happen? I suppose when you're just riding by feel rather than... correctly things happen you don't notice. When my left hand was in the correct position it felt really wrong which tells you how bad it was.

Denise said Jasper's ready to have more contact. Once I get him supple over the back and truly connected then we will work on long and low. He had some very good moments (fleeting moments but moments). He was trying hard to figure out what to do with himself... put my head up? No. Put my head down? No. Put my chin way back here? No. Slow down and go sideways? No. Forward forward forward. Straight straight straight. Supple Supple. She said it was okay for baby green horses to go behind the vertical for a second as long as they are in front of the aids. I don't take up the extra rein this creates, just stay still and squeeze forward. I got scolded for not putting him on the lunge line with side or draw reins for the first part of his training. I don't know. It might mean that he's further along than he is now, but I'm still not so sure I'm a fan of lunging.

Jasper was a very very good boy. Other than the trailering and standing tied to the trailer. He was great in the big indoor arena and went right by the open doors, mirrors, and windows. We got complimented on being able to do good circles. Heh. Denise really liked him and asked if he could jump (she used to event). I told her I have yet find out but that he jumped out of his 4'7 pen. She said I should bring him up and freejump him sometime- wouldn't THAT be a hoot!! She said that his neck comes out of his shoulder very nicely for a TB. She agreed that he has a good mind and told me he's "a keeper".

Karlin and Porsche had a great lesson too. That little palomino mare has an amazing mind. Her 3rd time off ranch and 1st time in an indoor arena. She walked, trotted, and cantered around like she'd done it her whole life. Denise commented on what a nice mover she is (especially for a QH) and couldn't believe how brave and willing she was.

We're signed up for the Hunter/Jumper show this Sunday...! I'm doing an 18" class and the 2' division. I'm planning on trotting him into everything and letting him canter the combinations (if he will). It will be the first time he's ever seen a full stadium course... the first time for panels, flowers, colors, etc. I will be ready to grab mane. If he overjumps these jumps as much as the grounpoles we're going into orbit. Karlin and Porsche are coming too- they're going to do the trot pole division. Fun!


manymisadventures said...

Ha. I can just imagine you guys launching wayyyyyyy over the little flower fences...

Michelle said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!! Good luck at the show.