Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rockin with Roxie

Saturday morning I took pictures of Serena and Roxie jumping at a show. Roxie was a gooooooood guuuuuuurl. Then she came to Jasper's barn to go for a ride. Check out pix of the day here on Roxie's blog. Yes, she really is that big. (The horse, not the girl).

After a month off, Jasper was... BOING.

You know that riding-a-powder-keg feeling? I decided we'd better burn off some steam in the arena before we hit the trail.

hello? brains?


Jasper & Roxie. All 8 feet not moving. Push the button fast! This feat was not difficult for Roxie. Jasper's tail is caught in mid-swish and head in mid-bob. But, all 4 feet still so WIN.

The barn manager and the barn owner's daughter were busy setting up a trail course. It included a horse-eating mattress, a horse-eating tarp, and horse-eating streamers. When you jumped the tarp and cleared it with miles to spare (because there is no way in HELL you're putting your little feet on a TARP, even though you've had tarp training up the ying yang after breaking your owner's finger over a TARP), you stop instantly upon landing for fear of getting too near the long flapping streamers. Oof says rider.

The streamers are alive.

They reach out and try to grab yer face.

They try to wrap their tendrils around you.

They shock yer nose with the power of a thousand suns.

After you have firmly made your point about how completely deadly they are it's best if you close your eyes and hold your breath and just go.