Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Merri of The Equestrian Vagabond tagged me with this award. Apparently I have to list 7 things you don't know about me. Huh. The problem is not listing 7 things, but 7 things that might actually be interesting. Probably not that I'm eating rice noodle soup. Or that my birds are 'singing' to the TV and I can't hear it. Or that my car window decided it couldn't roll up yesterday, so off to the shop it goes. Or that I have a date with a pilot on Thursday. OK, maybe that one's interesting...

1. After about 4 years of riding lessons at the local hunter/jumper barn, my parents let me buy a horse for my 13th birthday. After months of searching, I ended up with a yearling Quarter Horse filly named Mindy. She turns 26 this year.

2. A couple of years later a friend and I decided Mindy could pull us across the snowy pasture in a round saucer sled. We tied it on with lunge ropes. I rode, and my friend sat in the saucer. The first few steps were fine. Then Mindy realized their was a predator behind her and started trotting, then cantering, then my friend fell off. And the sled began hitting her on her back legs and biting her. Full-out blinding panicked gallop towards a barbed wire fence, I bailed and got my first concussion. Mindy jumped the fence, the sled got caught in it, the ropes broke, and she was fine.

3. They Might Be Giants is one of my favorite bands. I feel an instant geeky bond with anyone who likes them.

4. I don't eat wheat, dairy, soy, eggs, chicken, peanuts, or almonds. Not because I am uber health conscious but because of food allergies. My lips are nicer looking when they're not all swollen up.

5. I am considering going back to school (again) to study Graphic Design.

6. I could eat Thai food everyday and live in a state of bliss.

7. I live in a studio house. It is 16x20, or 320 square feet total. It's on a regular sized lot, with regular sized houses on either side. It's super cute, warm, and cozy. Plus nothing is too far out of reach!

OK, everyone who reads this, consider yourself tagged! Copy the pic above, post it on your blog, and list 7 things about yourself we don't know!


Kate said...

Love the small house idea!

achieve1dream said...

Well one of the interesting things you listed as not interesting (the birds singing to your T.V.) is interesting to me because I didn't know you had birds (I'm a pretty new follower). :)

I love the story of Mindy and the sled. Isn't in crazy the things we did as kids?

We so need to talk about the food allergies! I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to dairy and it's a pain in the butt finding and cooking things I can eat. I don't know what I would do if I were allergic to as many things as you are! Who knows, maybe I am. I'd have to drive almost 100 miles to get a food allergy test and I'm terrified of doctors so its something I haven't done yet. :)

I've already done this tag, but I enjoyed reading your answers. :D

Albigears said...

Actually, the best, most accurate food allergy test you can get is from US BioTek, and "regular" doctors don't use it. You have to go through holistic doctors. If you're interested, contact Dr. Sheehan at Experience Health http://www.experiencehealth.info
Basically you get the test in the mail, prick your finger and send it in to the company, and they send the results to Dr. Sheehan for a consult. You get a printout of things that are good, neutral, and bad for you. Mine was the worst she'd ever seen as far as allergies, but it's been life changing since I quit eating all that stuff.
Dairy is hard to "substitute" for. After a while you just get used to not eating it. I use Rice Milk on cereal, which I love. Use tomato based sauces for pasta, and use chili instead of cheese on nachos. Eat Coconut Bliss or Rice Dream "Ice Cream"... (Coconut Bliss is UNBELIEVABLE) or non-dairy sherbert, and if you can eat soy there are a lot of soy substitutes out there. I don't cook, but I know there are non-dairy cookbooks out there as well.

jacksonsgrrl said...

Well, we have another connection. Those Giants rule. Been listening to them since (oh god, date myself) 1987-8ish)! Saw your question to Stacey. It tells you how many blogs you have posted when you go to write or edit your blog. Top right I think. I can't think of even 7 interesting things. Or my memory is just failing, cause I think I'm cool so there must be....

Albigears said...

YAY TMBG!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yankecwgrl said...


You were the closest guess as to my 4-H kiddo's placing at Houston! There were only 2 guesses, and you were closest. She was 14th out of 143!
I am sending you an email so that you can email me your address, and I'll send you something cool! Thanks!

lytha said...

hi, i found your blog today and have to comment on this one.

yesterday i asked my man how he can eat sandwiches every day of his life. i said "the only thing i would want to eat every day would be thai food."

and TMBG rule, i agree: )

~lytha in germany