Wednesday, March 2, 2011

One Trick Pony

This is Grace. She is teaching Jasper to give at the poll, something I never did with him. Yay! Jasper now knows a trick. We will probably celebrate with running and bucking when the ground dries out. Which could be in a million years.

Grace is my new student, but not in the horse world. She is taking all of her Freshman high school classes online this semester, and I'm helping her get through them. Yesterday she came with me to the barn and started working with Jasper while I cleaned his stall. Luckily we have a horse connection...! She just started her own horse blog called Bucks-A-Penny featuring Margie, a 13.2h palomino POA pony she's taking dressage and jumping lessons on.

She has offered to work with Jasper on the ground. Teach him a thing or two.

Goooooooood boy.


EvenSong said...

Watch out, Jasper! That girl will be thinkin' that she outgrowing a 13.2 pony really quick! And YOU'LL be next in line... Just sayin'.

Grace Miller said...

Don't worry EvenSong I won't be moving to him anytime soon. Margie has a few miles to get me through with Pony Club. But, he should watch out, because I am not fond of naughty behavior by any breed of horse. Nada!!

achieve1dream said...

Too cute. A very handy behavior to teach. :)

Dom said...

A good thing to know, and one of Ozzy's favorite. Adorable :)

allhorsestuff said...

Very GOOD BOY! Jasper, you love a sweety girl, nice work Gracie!

My sissy taught Wa mare to yield down ward-to me simply lifting my hand up. All I've taught her is to nod yes to wanting a treat!

allhorsestuff said...

Kinda excited over here in find YOU know about the ANSUR "KONKLUSION" !
You say yours was one of the first? I think the design features could have gotten even more...what's the cute word you used...I had to mess my lips up to say it...!

What jump saddle brand do you use? Reading up on all well known ones, and Tad Coffins is the closest to what moves & gives the most for a tree. No wood, just polymers, like the Ansur.
The"ELITE" looks good too. I almost chose that.