Monday, December 5, 2011

Saddle fit- help!

I have this Jeffries Flyover on trial. It's a forward flap x-country jumping saddle. It's great to ride in, very balanced. It just doesn't look like it fits very well to me- it looks like the pommel is way too high. Like he needs a wider tree or something? (This is a medium, they don't come in med-wide).

Is it just me? I really like the feel of it.


After I rode in it and it settled a bit.


EvenSong said...

It does look a bit high in front, compared to the cantle, but with Jasper's confirmation (TB withers and all) I don't think you would want to go to a wide--it would probably end up sitting on his withers. Does he have plenty of room to move those lovely shoulders? Is it too cold to work up a good sweat on him and see what the patterns look like?
Good luck figuring it out! It looks like a nice saddle.

EvenSong said...

Looking at the photos again after commenting, it did settle pretty nicely after you rode, but it also seems to have shifted forward (not just on the saddle pad, but in relation to his shoulder blade). If anything, I would want to slide it a bit farther back on his loins, even from the original position... Seems like lots of folks put their saddles too far forward. But I'm by no mens an expert!

Serena said...

That was my first impression too. The first pic looks like it is set too far forward on him. It looks like it settled into place better after the ride.
How stable was it when you rode? Did it rock you at all? Does it bridge or gap under the panels?
You might just need one of the old Cashel cushion rear-riser pads we all used to use. :)

Val said...

The saddle fit looks good in the post-ride photo in my opinion.

However, the angle of the saddle flap does not match his shoulder in the pommel view. There is a space between the bottom of the flap and his body. This could indicate that the tree points are too narrow, but looks are not everything. If the saddle rides like a dream, that is a good sign.

Jenny said...

It's hard to say for sure from just the pictures and I think that your horse stands in a pose (with his head low) that may make it more difficult.
My first impression is that it is too high in the front. Which most often means that the saddle is to narrow in the tree. My second thought is if the tree follows the outline of your horses back correctly or if the saddle is to flat for your his back?

I’m on the other hand a strong believer in that the owner knows the horse the best. If your horse seems to like the saddle and moves well through his back, then maybe the saddle is right for you.

Grace F. Miller said...

It definitely looks like it's set a little too high forward. Especially in the second picture. But the pommel is relatively higher than the cantle. I'd almost recommend using a lift next time. Though I've never had this problem with Margie before. Good luck, Megan.

Albigears said...

I thought it shifted forward too. I'll have to try putting it further back and seeing what happens.

It felt pretty stable when I rode and didn't bridge or gap under the panels.

That's what I'm most worried about- that the tree points are too narrow. Ugh. The saddle sits on his back nicely, but the panels do not follow the line of his shoulder and stick out.

I don't think it's too flat for his back, if anything it's the opposite.

He rode really nicely in it. No swishing of tails, relaxed, reaching down even in the new arena. I didn't get a chance to jump yet, hopefully will be able to set up a few before I take it back.

Dom said...

Definitely awkward and doesn't look like it fits right. I agree the front is too high, but it looks like it's actually too wide in the shoulders.

Albigears said...

Yeah, I agree. But it rides like a dream!

achieve1dream said...

Sorry I can't help. I don't know anything about jumping saddles and they all look weird to me lol. Good luck figuring it out!