Sunday, January 1, 2012



Happy Everything! Christmas Eve morning I decided Jasper needed a view of something other than his run and the barn so we went for a loop in the woods. There wasn't much snow but everything was frozen, so after cantering through the field we took it easy and walked on the trails. On the way home there is a steep little hill that opens up into the big field. He always fights me on this and wants to accelerate instead of slow down, only this time when I pulled back on the reins his head shot up and his hind legs slipped out from underneath him. He landed on his left side and my left ankle. It happened so fast I didn't have time to react, but at the same time was having a conversation in my head about letting go of the reins.

Should I let go? Should I keep hanging on? What are you supposed to do? I think let go. But I still have them. He will take off. Oh, that's his right hoof right by my arm, he's having trouble standing up. Oh, there's his back hoof right by my ribs, I hope he doesn't step on me. I still have the reins, am I pulling him off balance? He will fight me and pull back...

For some reason he didn't pull back, and I was able to keep hanging on to the reins and get into a squatting position before I felt my ankle screaming at me to pull the knife out of it. I sat there for quite a while breathing shallowly and considering my options. I couldn't walk, which left getting back on, which would require me to put pressure on my ankle no matter what. Or crawling back. In about 10 minutes the pain began to subside... it was really strange. I was able to get back on and ride home, put Jasper away, and drive my car (stick shift) home.

That night I was on crutches, but the next day after 8 hours of sleep it felt a lot better. 2 days straight of elevation really helped and a week later I was able to go xc skiing.

I FINALLY found a schooling helmet that fits! I have a very long very oval head. This is the Ovation Sync. It is very flattering, obviously.

New Year's Day: My friend Dale was visiting from Canada and wanted to see horses. After a lesson in "combing" them, we set up a jump chute. Started at 2' and worked up to 3'9! This is the highest he's ever jumped. Ok, the highest on purpose. It was pointed out to me that he jumped a gate about his high from a standstill once. It was supposed to be a one stride but he just kind of nonchalantly trotted the whole thing.

Go buddy!


Dom said...

I'm impressed with the jumping!

It is SO scary when they fall with you. Eek!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Whoa..glad you are OK after that fall. That sounded fast and scary. He jumps that line, like "laaaa deee da!" Scopey! :)

SprinklerBandit said...

Yeah, he looks not super impressed with that. Fun times!

Val said...

That did not even look remotely difficult for him. Go Jasper!

So you are okay? That was a crazy story.

Albigears said...

The fall was scary, I've never had a horse fall all the way down before.

He did refuse this height twice, but then popped over it like it was nothing. I stopped while we were ahead. Neither one of us is in very good shape right now.

PruSki said...

He took that 3'9" like it was nothin'!! Good job!!
As for the fall, i would have let go. i wouldn't have wanted him to injure himself by trying to pull me up too. Usually when I do fall Olly just stops, turns and looks at me like "why are you down there, mom?" I can't wait to see you both jump the 3'9"!!! Yeah!!!!

EvenSong said...

I managed to get the video to freeze half a second efore your screen shot, and his knees are up, not quite to his chin--cause he was really using his head and neck--and feet folded to his belly! Nice!!

Scary fall--in that instant when you're trying to figure out what to do and life *seems* to slow down to a snail's pace, at least in your mind, it's not really that easy to make a decision, or even figure out why you did what you did... Glad you're both okay.

achieve1dream said...

Yikes sorry about the fall! I'm glad you both are okay and that your ankle is better so quickly.

He's so pretty and took that jump like it was nothing hehe. :D

Corinna said...

glad you're okay after your fall, and that your ankle wasn't seriously injured! My worst falls, except for one, have been when my horse fell first. And speaking of falls, I'm in the market for a new helmet- glad to hear you like yours! Do you have a separate "show helmet" since this is your schooling helmet?

Albigears said...

I'm no expert on correct jumping form, but he looks pretty good to me especially for a green bean.

I really don't have a separate show helmet for xcountry. I have a Tipperary but it really doesn't fit so I'll probably end up using this one instead. I did recently buy a velveteen one for dressage and maybe show jumping. :)

Grace F. Miller said...

Yikes, Megan! You about scared me. Falling is scary. I've never had a horse fall on me, but I have fallen off right on the edge of a steep hill. Scary. Glad you're okay, though. And glad Jasper's okay.

Merri said...

Scary - ALWAYS let go of the reins. I have 7 plates and 20 screws in my face because that one day I did not let go of the reins... I'm going to publish that story one day. anyway, glad you were OK.
and that top photo just brought to mind "The Eighty Dollar Champion" - have you read it?
- The Equestrian Vagabond