Thursday, June 14, 2012

Packing ughhhhhhh

We have a dressage/jumping clinic with Fran O 'Riley down in Princeton, Idaho on Saturday and a derby on Sunday.  Fun!  We're getting a ride with a friend and are leaving tomorrow straight after work.  Ugh.  Which means I was at the barn until 8:30 bathing horse and packing up horse stuff, (tack (not CLEAN tack, mind you!), grooming equipment, hay, buckets, feed, boots, first aid, extra halters, extra lead ropes, etc etc etc.)  went to the grocery store, and am now home at 10 starting to pack people stuff.  Camping two nights, riding clothes, sleeping clothes, clothes in case it gets hot, camping type food, coolers, toiletries, sleeping bag, etc etc etc.   Sometimes I get overwhelmed and do something completely non-productive.  Like writing this blog.  Oh, I need to remember to charge the video camera.  I should go plug that in.  Right now.  Hmm.  I'm tired.  Maybe if I go to bed now I can get up really early and finish packing. 

Yeah, right- THAT will happen.

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Ruffles said...

Good Luck at the clinic, I can't wait to hear how it goes.