Thursday, July 8, 2010

Aspen Horse Trials XC & Stadium Videos

The video arrived from Aspen today, yay! Both rides look about like they felt- XC was sketchy at first and then smoothed out. Awesomely smoothed out. Stadium started out sketchy and stayed that way. Ugh. Those fences look huge to me even in the video. He doesn't seem to have trouble with the actual height, but man they were intimidating and you can tell by how he leaps over everything. I think it proves how much heart he has! What a good boy. I do have a tiny bit of guilt, I think he was overfaced and maybe I should have pulled out. If I had, though, we wouldn't have gotten a chance to go XC as the stadium round was first... I don't think he was scarred too much as we had a pretty decent stadium round two weeks later at the Hopeful trials.


Cross Country

Videos by Moving Images NW


PruSki said...

You guys are awesome!!! Good job staying focused!

EvenSong said...

Nice job, both of you! Just a warm-up for your next stellar performance. And what a beautiful setting.

starrynights said...

You should be very proud. I think you look great. And don't feel guilty. I really don't think Jasper was overfaced. Your SJ round looks good compared to a lot of what I've seen at other events. Maybe it didn't feel as smooth as you'd like but give youself and your horse some credit. Jasper doesn't look scared to me, just a bit inexperienced. You have an awesome horse and you both deserve a big pat on the back.

allhorsestuff said...

YOU GO!!! I am so pleased to see Jasper perky and balk..but nothing serious!
I am so happy for you the eventing dream- beautifully!