Friday, June 17, 2011

Quick Update.

It's still raining. It's the middle of June and we haven't hit 80 degrees yet. I don't mind the temperature, I'd rather have 65 than 95, but the rain makes riding without an indoor difficult. So between the weather & the virus outbreak, we've not done much. The Icebreaker jumping show and the Deep Creek Derby were both canceled due to EHV, but we wouldn't have been ready anyway.

In recent news Jasper's legs have decided to swell up. It started with both of his hinds, then moved to left hind and front, and now is left hind and both fronts. It seems to get better with exercise but doesn't completely go away. The only change has been that he's now in a paddock with grass, but the vet didn't think that would be the cause of it. At first it was like his legs were stocked up, and now they're more swollen higher up. He doesn't seem at all unsound or unhappy so it's a mystery. I did get shoes put on him because he is so footsore from all the moisture.

In Alexandre news, he is still in rehab. Being ridden at the walk now, maybe a little trotting. He still has a big knot right above his left hind pastern that looks like it's permanent. He doesn't seem to favor it. As he will be a trail horse for the rest of his life I think it's going to be OK.

Grace came out to help rehab both of them- walked Alexandre around the round pen then out and around the arena, and walked Jasper around bareback with a halter & lead rope. (It was one of Jasper's mellow days- he DOES have them every now and then).

Grace & Alexandre- they're both smiling. :)

Bryon came out and helped rehab too.

Rehab is hard and requires a lot of fuel replacement.


EvenSong said...

Good to hear from you, and glad everybody is doing okay (if not great). We've lost a lot of riding around here, too, but the trail club is starting to venture out again. It's been windy as heck around here (it's Ellensburg, you know), but sunny--we'll send a little your way!

Dom said...

The mystery swelling has me baffled.

achieve1dream said...

That's really strange about the swelling! I hope it clears up and just remains one of those harmless mysteries.

chopkins said...

Hi Megan..Just found you here. A happy start to my morning! See you on the weekend. xo

allhorsestuff said...

Oh sorry for the mystery swelling...disconcerting.Glad that he isn't off.
If there were mudd, i'd say scratches..wa got that in my forst stable, in her hinds.

Yea, we are ventureing out now..yea! But, not to shows like you. Had some folks from up your way come to the beach (they got health certif). Hope you can be the reciever of some sunny- nice- stuff and get your rides in!

Isn't it neat that the refueling may take place for for Alexandre-right in the arena!

Love my ANSUR saddle!!! Half wish I had gotten the "Elite" which is more like my jump saddle..but this one is ULTRA compy for the trail, and jumping in the woods too.