Friday, July 1, 2011

Get in meh BELLY

Came back from a couple of weeks away and my horse has a BELLY. B-E-L-L-Y. He was galloping around the arena like a mad man and I couldn't even see any ribs.

I don't see no stinking hip bones.

^SEE? Belly!!
Oh, Mr. Hard Keeper... I knew you'd break someday.

Running when you're this fat makes you have to take a lot of rolling breaks. It doesn't stop you from running, just requires more breaks. We're at about 4 layers of sweat and dirt, sweat and dirt, sweat and dirt here.


achieve1dream said...

Gross lol. Four layers of sweat and dirt just sounds nasty hehe. Did he get a bath?

I'm so happy Mr. Hard Keeper has a belly and he looks so GOOD with it. :) Gorgeous!

juliette said...

How did you get him fat? I am looking at ribs and hip bones on my third guy, Foggy, and still the hard keeper. What is the turning point?

Dom said...

Looks great!

allhorsestuff said...

I'm so happy for you..he looks so wonderfully TB happy and tally fit. I want to see the header photo done again with his new hearty self! When is your next time x county?
How close to ELK HAVEN EQUESTRIAN are you?

Albigears said...

Naw, no bath, it was too cold.

I don't know how he got "fat" (which for any other horse would be the thin side of normal). His legs started mysteriously swelling up when he was put out on pasture so I took him off his supplements and alfalfa. He had a couple weeks of fresh grass and all you can eat grass hay with no riding and warmer weather and he ballooned up.

XC? Don't know, I would like to compete in the Stanton Farm Horse Trials in August though.

Never heard of Elk Haven...