Thursday, September 29, 2011

We're going to a show... woot!

I think we're going to head to the little Hunter/Jumper show on Sunday! Jasper's knee seems fine and we had a good schooling day today. I think we'll do a couple of 2' classes and a couple of 2'-2'6 classes. My friend Kodi came out this morning to play jump crew and take some video with my crappy point and shoot camera.

I've been trying to not jump ahead. When I watch the video frame by frame it looks like I'm jumping waaaay ahead on the way up, but then end up in a pretty good position over the top of the fence. He, however, looks pretty good to me considering the lack of schooling we've had this summer. There is a little more tail swishing than I like... but he's got a nice rhythm and isn't rushing.

I think he really likes jumping. He even started to do a flying lead change for me right as I was asking him to trot to do a simple change. Cool!


EvenSong said...

Not the best video from which to judge, but I didn't think you were that guilty of jumping ahead--it looked like it was his effort that lifted you out of the saddle.
Have fun Sunday, and jump an oxer for me, will you?

Ruffles said...

You guys look great :)
Good luck at the show!!

SprinklerBandit said...

I'm certainly not a jumping expert. (Ha! The very idea!) You look great to me--you're staying with him, not throwing yourself up his neck, and pretty darn balanced.

Best of luck at the show!

Albigears said...

An oxer sounds fun! :)

Thanks, I feel pretty balanced but it's so hard to tell what you're doing until you watch a video or have someone knowledgeable on the ground. I am looking forward to some lessons now that I have a steady income!

Kinda nervous (in a good way) about the show even though we're just going for schooling...!

BritnieAnn said...

Love the video!! How fun! I cant wait to hear about your show next week!

Val said...

He looks like a happy boy jumping. Really nice canter!

allhorsestuff said...

Love that large arena.and seeing you and Jasper going for it . He is very rhythmically cantering. He certainly does jump nicely.

Have fun ...get a photo of you jumping that Oxer!

Grace F. Miller said...

MEGAN! Don't underestimate yourself or your abilities. From the video and pictures I saw, you looked fine. You had a nice release and I don't think you were ahead at all. Let me know how it goes. :)

achieve1dream said...

You guys look great!! Good luck at the show.