Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fresh and Clean as a...

(Ignore dirt and rocks on mat and slight holes in front of it, just concentrate on the er... calm expression and all four hooves in contact with the ground)

All cleaned up with somewhere to go. I had to take a picture for posterity since today was Jasper's first bath with shampoo this year. On the first of October. This is as clean as he gets. He was not happy about it and got in trouble several times. Clean horse, clean tack, ready to go have some fun tomorrow... Post Falls here we come!

The new indoor! They did all this structural work today. IN ONE DAY. Three guys and tractor type lifty machines. Yesterday it was just a flat expanse of dirt with some concrete & rebar footings sticking out. Today it has a ribcage. It's going to have lighting and a sprinkler system. Very exciting.

I heard that Alexandre's new people have bought materials to put in fencing and build shelters so they can put their horses on their property. What will I do when I drive up in my car and there's not a deep, rumbling Harley Davidson greeting?


SprinklerBandit said...

Izzy's first bath may have been in August. At least we get to it eventually, right?

achieve1dream said...

He's such a cutie. Have fun at the show!

Wow, that's amazing how fast they got the support beams up on the arena. I'm impressed.

Awww Alexandre is leaving. :( At least he'll be at home with them where he will get lots more attention. I love having my guys at home.