Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gooooooooood Booooooooy

This is Claylish. She just turned 13 and loves horses. I have a horse, but he is not a kid's horse. However, I remember wanting to be around horses so much it hurt.

So she came out to the barn just to hang out. The first time she came out she, her friend, and her dad watched Jasper bolt around the arena bucking and kicking. I'm not sure what they were all thinking, but they are all quite brave in their own ways because Claylish still wanted to get on and her dad let her. Jasper's eyes got pretty big and a little worried, and he was hesitant to go forward, but ended up following me around for a while until he relaxed. She was even able to do some solo laps with him.

The second time out and look how nice they look together. I don't get to watch him under saddle... ever really unless someone is kind enough to video me riding him. It really hit me how elegant he is. He kind of still looks like he's off to the races.

You want me to go on the bit??

We had a few... er, stumbles over one of the ground poles at one point.
There is such thing as being too relaxed.


...and, um, *cough cough* standing STILL.

Goooooooooooooooood Boooooooooooooooooy


EvenSong said...

I love it when they're smart enough to adapt to the rider that's on their back!
Good boy, Jasper! (and proud Mama Megan.)

SprinklerBandit said...

Props to you for letting her ride. I was definitely "that girl" and any little ride meant the world to me. :) My current mare isn't one that will let me return the favor, so to speak, but eventually, I will.

Albigears said...

I was really surprised at how different he acted with her. At one point we decided to try a few steps of trot with me holding onto one of the reins. Mr. Off-to-the-races needed a lot of encouragement to break out of the walk. It makes me wonder if and how much he reads people's energy, or if it's just body position, etc.

Grace Miller said...

That is awesome! he's definitely a "Gooooooooood Booooooooy"! LOL I remember you letting me ride him bareback and we was good.

samihob said...

Great equestrian blog - why not come and post it over at hay-net.co.uk for more to follow? Be great to have you there!