Sunday, February 26, 2012

First Barefoot Trim

Jasper had his first 'barefoot' trim yesterday. The farrier was adamant about not taking any frog off, which was fine with me. I'm always worried they're going to take too much hoof off in general and leave him sore. He said there is no white line separation, and that his feet look like they're in good shape, especially for a thoroughbred. He has a little bit of flare on the outsides. He didn't seem sore at all today, even with all the dampness and muck and mud, which I'm really happy about. I'd love input from any 'hoof people' out there- how do they look? Is this guy worth having back?

right front

left front

It's been twelve days since the vet came out to look at Jasper's right front knee. He still has some swelling, but it's localized to the front. The vet said that by this point it's cosmetic, and if I wanted him to come and drain it he could. I passed... no thanks. He did say that if he's off or even just stiff I should have him come back. Yesterday Jasper got his paddock back. It was very, very, very exciting. He's had three of four PentAussie (Pentosan) injections, one more to go and he'll be good for six months.

Here he is today. I took so many clips waiting for him to trot, he just doesn't trot. Walk to canter. Canter to walk. This was as good as I can get, but I think he looks completely sound...?


Brightpath said...

He looks really good! So glad he is better! When I was out on Friday he seemed more his self, giving me those sultry eyes for some treats (you know I couldn't resist, lol) and was more adventurous. He didn't like the pool of water/pee by the door of his stall so it was the first time in a couple times that he met me in the barn. ♥ him.

EvenSong said...

Those feet look fabulous! Frogs look a bit mushy, but that's to be expected this time of year... Nice angles, and round! Will you compete J. barefoot? Good for you.

As for the video, about half-way thru, as he rolls back to the right in the corner of the arena and trots towards the camera, it almost seems like the right knee doesn't have *quite* as much range of motion as the left, but certainly not off. Yeah!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Hoorah, what a great start and so glad he's seeming to do well in bare tootsies. I think there is still room to take heel down even more, but have your trimmer show you. That will allow the frog to be stimulated more and even self exfoliate. But doing things slowly will be comfortable for both of you :)

achieve1dream said...

Agree with the other comments about the heels and frogs. As ragged as his frog looks I would probably treat for thrush just to be on the safe side. I use salt water (recipe on my barefoot page on my horse blog) as both a preventative and treatment. It isn't really strong so if you had a horse with a bad thrush infection they might need something stronger. I like it because it's all natural. :) He looks like he's moving awesome! Glad he's better. :)