Thursday, March 22, 2012

We're going to a clinic!

Hellloooooooo spring.

I just sent my entry in for the Yves Sauvignon clinic! It's at Tulip Springs eventing facility, about 2.5 hours southwest of here, Saturday and Sunday April 14-15, showjumping Sat. and Cross Country on Sun. I'm a little concerned that there's only 3 weeks to get ready, fitness wise Jasper really isn't in shape yet. And of course the day after I send my entry in I get sick, so I'm now in bed thinking that I'm losing even more time. And it snowed last night and stuck. Helllooooo, spring! It's a good thing he's a young Thoroughbred that has a huge paddock and tends to run around a lot. I figure we'll go and do what we can do. The nice thing about clinics is there are a bunch of riders so the horses get a rest period between jumps.

And the best part? We're going with Serena and Roxie! Woooooot!

Serena loaned me this saddle to try and it seems to fit him quite well. It's a wide tree. The balance isn't bad either, I don't feel like I'm in chair seat like I do with a lot of jumping saddles. I have to say, though, it feels like riding on a postage stamp jockey saddle. I love squishy knee pads and thigh blocks. This has none of those. I think it looks quite elegant... it will make me a better rider, right? If I can stay in it that is.

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Serena said...

The clinic is gonna be awesome!! :D
Do you know anyone who can video?