Sunday, September 16, 2012

Jasper falls in looooooooove

Jasper and Ember

Jasper got trailered out to a friend's house this weekend for some trail riding out on state land.  He was kind of a nutcase.  Actually he was doing OK until he saw her pig.  The pig is large and tame and walks around the property at will.   Jasper seemed to think it was a dog at first and marched up and took a good sniff.  Then the pig snorted.  Jasper teleported about 10 feet away and spent the rest of the weekend freaking out about the pig if he could see it, and freaking out about the possibility of the pig if he could not.  The pig couldn't have cared less about Jasper and didn't mind if he was dancing around the trailer in a sweat with white rings around his eyes.

Jasper's two equine companions were a couple of nice mares, a bay 5-year-old Thoroughbred and a black Friesian/Appy/TB/QH cross.  Ember the TB LOOOOOVED Jasper.  As in, well, we won't use the "whore" word.  To the point where she would refuse to lead on the rides because she was too preoccupied looking back at him.  Jasper was pretty oblivious to her seductions and just wanted to go faster.  Situation normal.

We went on a loooong trail ride on Saturday at speed.  Mostly trotting and cantering.  It was fantastically fun.   I swear that horse does not get tired.  Ever.  Most impressive was my friend's boyfriend who just started riding a couple of months ago and kept up like a champ.  He can post the trot and everything.  

Everyone seemed to get along so well we just threw Jasper in the pasture with the two mares last night.  Amazingly, they all got along famously.  He didn't have a single bite mark on him, and he didn't foolishly try to dominate either one.  They got to hang out most of the day today while we went rock climbing, then we for a short ride through the park this evening.  He absolutely refused to get in the trailer tonight.  He just kept looking longingly into the pasture.

 Ember going so fast she's blurry.  Or I'm taking a pic on a moving horse.  
Which never seems to work out well.

 Hubba hubba

 The 5.9 rider

Jasper's first friend that didn't bite him.

I'm thinking about going to a little H/J show next Sunday in Post Falls, ID.  We did their spring show and it was fun.  Haven't really jumped in over 3 weeks.  Or more?  More I think.  Have to get on that tomorrow.


Grace Miller said...

Sounds like fun! I haven't been out on the trail in over a year, except for a vacation in Montana back in July.

jacksonsgrrl said...

Jackson freaked out over a donkey that lives down the road the other day. No earthly idea why since he used to live with a mini donkey in Texas! Silly! Jasper has a girlfriend! They look adorable together!

Albigears said...

Grace! Get out there, the weather is beautiful!

I wonder if horses have selective memory...