Sunday, September 23, 2012

PFEC Hunter/Jumper Show

Our division loot- a new startlingly white saddle pad embroidered 
with the Post Falls Equestrian Center's logo.

It was a gorgeous Fall day here in the Pacific Northwest.  Mid 70's and sunny, with a hint of dust.  A LOT of dust.  We need some rain.  I really did bathe Jasper yesterday, with shampoo even, but it was too warm to put a sheet on so I just had to turn him back out in his paddock with a gallon of show sheen.  I'm not willing to deal with the consequences of keeping him in a stall overnight.  Anyway, scraped the chunks off and sponge bath this morning and we hit the road.

I thought I had given myself plenty of time based on the spring show, but when I pulled up the parking lot was pretty bare.  They were running hours ahead of time.  We had just enough time for a quick lunge and warm up in the indoor arena before our first class, 2'6-2'9 Hunters.

You know, I think that someday Jasper could be a good Hunter.  He needs his flying changes, and needs to be more consistent.  If someone was riding him that really knew what they were doing I think he could be a Hunter star.  I am not that person, but he put in two really nice rounds.  We *did* completely annihilate a fence because he didn't want to pick up his right lead (a common thread today, I think something's going on?) and hit the fence with complete awkwardness.   Having said that, he still tried to jump it even when it was a lost cause.  He didn't stop.  Love him for that.

Jumpers B- last and favorite class of the day.

I signed up for the 2'6-2'9 Jumpers for more practice at that height.  Plus, leads don't count and you can leap over those fences from wherever you want without penalty.  :)  Yes, I KNOW you aren't supposed to ride jumper courses like hunters and use the whole arena, but these were confidence building classes.   We had two great, clean rounds.  The second course had some loop-de-loos (technical term) and was super fun to ride.


Much much thanks to Pam for taking video and photos.


SprinklerBandit said...

Yay winning the division! Swag makes the whole thing more fun. You guys look great!

That is one weird course.

Kate said...

Congrats, & that DOES look like a fun course!!