Saturday, November 7, 2009


Norm leading Jasper down the hill to the new diggs- the 20 acre field. They're a good match as they both have long legs and like to walk really fast. Alexandre and I moseyed down behind them.


Hmm. Didn't we just exit this field at high speeds through a wire fence? Why are we back here?

Dude, Jasper, slow down! This us UP hill!

The herd introduces themselves...

Jasper and Alexandre want NOTHING to do with them and destroy the gate (again) and run up the hill back to the barn.

Actually it was Jasper who broke out of the gate. I don't think he even saw it. It's possible he's never been in a hotwire-only enclosure. The first time they broke out they ended up lunging up the side of a cliff and practically toppled over backwards in their efforts to get turned around. At which time Jasper flew over the road and down the other side of the hill, jumping the irrigation pipes and hotwire fence (breaking the top strand) back into the pasture. Then TOTALLY freaked out because Alexandre was waaaay to smart to follow him. Eventually we got them both back in and Norm fixed the gate. They explored and galloped around a bit until the other 6 horses in the field noticed them and EVERYBODY started galloping around. We lost track of everyone and pretty soon it was apparent my boys were not in the herd. Oh, but there they were, leaving a broken gate behind them, galloping up the hill back to the barn. Norm's daughter caught them and we put them back in their little pen for the night. Then we went down and put a strand of thick white hotwire rope along the top of the fenceline they broke through... we're going to try again tomorrow...


Michelle said...

Ohhhhh, my goodness. Well, at least they didn't hurt themselves. Hopefully, next time goes a lot better!

BritnieAnn said...

LOL! DRAMA DRAMA! Gosh, that would have be having a heart attack, I hope the introductions go better next time, with no more broken fences! (great pic of them going up hill! too neat)