Sunday, November 29, 2009

Attempting Shoulder Fore & Haunches In...

Mud: 2 Jasper: 2 Megan: 0

Today we attempted haunches in and shoulder fore, something we've dabbled in in the past but haven't worked very hard at. I was very impressed with his willingness to give it a try and thought he put in a good effort at both! Especially since I'm just kind of assuming I know how to do it. I really need a lesson from someone who can watch my position and hands.

Haunches in is easier, probably because the fence is a physical barrier. I thought he actually ended up doing shoulders in (which is a harder, increased angle from shoulder fore) in parts. You can't tell in the video, but the green fence bows out and he is traveling downhill both directions, and the track by the white fence is muddy and a little slick.

I don't have a huge amount of contact. I don't have a huge amount of contact ever, though, so it was consistent. This spring we'll start working on it and connecting from back to front more.

He was very relaxed today, almost lazy...!


Kate said...

I'm no expert - it's nice that he's trying so hard for you!

BritnieAnn said...

I know barely anything about either one of those, but he looks like he is def giving it a good try! Good boy Jasper! Glad you have an arena to work in!

Albigears said...

I know, he just kind of 'got it' pretty quickly. He is not a fighter, he really wants to figure out what you want. Now that he realizes he can go forwards and sideways at the same time all kinds of doors will open up!

Jenn said...

Mud...glorious mud! Isn't it divine?

Once they get a hang of that sideways and forward movement a whole new world opens up! I'm still trying to convince Gabe that yes, he CAN move forward while going sideways without ending up on his face. We have a lot of work to and Jasper look excellent! He is definitely trying to figure out what you want and do it.

jacksonsgrrl said...

NO FAIR! You just try it and look that good? Hats off. I am definitely no expert, but since J. and I are working on shoulers fore and shoulder in--and I can't for the life of me really get shoulders fore on my own--it looks like in much of that you have shoulders in. I only say that cause I know shoulders fore is supposed to be so subtle. But again, I am just a dressage idiot with a trainer who is WAY awesome teaching us in our green ways...You guys LOOKED GREAT! :)Jackson is not the idiot in our training, as I KNOW if I put an expert dressage rider on him my mouth would drop open in amazement in 10 minutes. That's OK tho'. Why do that when I'm having so much fun learning?! Anyhow, computer is fixed and I am finally BAAACCCKKKK!

Albigears said...

Ugh- mud. Everything's frozen now, in big mud chunks all around the barn.

jg- welcome back! Yeah, we were going to try for shoulder fore. If you look closely, he does straight, shoulder fore, shoulders in, and probably just some leg yielding and then back all within 5 steps. HA!

We've worked on it a little. We HAVE worked quite a lot on turning on the forehand, leg yielding from the quarter line over, and spiraling in and out with leg and weight only. This was just taking what he's learned from those things and trying to do it down a line... (it's not like it came out of nowhere)!

jacksonsgrrl said...

Ok. Makes me feel a bit better, but it still looked great! Maybe I just can't see shoulder fore to save my life! In fact, I am sure I can't! My instructor tells me when I do it, when I asked her how I would know when I was, she said, "When I tell you." That's how I know we sucked at it, or I am not getting the concept, b/c while I can feel it when I do it, it isn't somehting I can take and apply when I am practicing. In fact, shoulder in made a lot more sense and came easier... (???) I need to read up on it as well (s.fore), that always helps, I am a complete dressage idiot who started lessons to work on being a better rider. It is certainly helping, I won't lie....but man, dressage is...well, I know I need not explain! :P
Happy Holidays Megan!