Sunday, November 8, 2009


A wet, drizzly, grey day.

Alexandre getting ready to go down to his new diggs- the 20 acre pasture. Now with reinforced fences.

Jasper's getting ready too. He may be distracted by a bucket of mush, but he is not pawing, digging, or dolphin leaping/kicking while tied. That was for after the mush was eaten. My mom was in charge of watching him and calling me if killed himself while I helped Norm reinforce the fencing a little more.

Norm and Jasper part 2.

Didn't we just break out of this place?

Norm and the herd while J & A look on...

The herd gallops around while J & A trail behind.
Don't wanna get too close, but don't wanna be left too far behind either.

Wheeeeeeeeeeee! Jasper could leave Alexandre in the dust. He's nervous but at the same time really happy everyone's galloping around.

Jasper in the back cantering around and tossing his head every which way while Alexandre's at the very back in his full gallop trying to keep up...

And THIS is what happened twice yesterday. They break away from the herd, switch direction, and charge full speed ahead towards the gate...

Luckily my brave mom stood there and twirled a rope which made them think twice. Success! No broken fences!

With the herd on the other side of the field, it's time to see what there is to eat.

Even on 20 acres, the grass is always greener...

The herd eats and rolls and watches the newcomers.

And all is well.


Michelle said...

This looks like such a fun, huge pasture to run around in. I can't blame them for tearing around there! Glad you got it sorted out and they're happily settled.

Kate said...


BritnieAnn said...

oh glad they stayed in this time! What a great place for them.

allhorsestuff said...

Well, tis a joy to see a huge field with a herd of horses romping along in it! Your two are so funny!
Glad that the thing held this time...scary to wonder, after you leave...maybe a REAL gate would serve better... these two seem to be the exception!
I loved the scene of Norm and Jasper-PT 2-!!!