Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Near the river and through the woods...

Taking full advantage of Karlin's time in Spokane, we head out on a beautiful, sunny, freezing (26*) afternoon ride. Alexandre's always ready to go.

I think it's nice that Alexandre was cooperative and smiled for the camera this time.

This may be the first picture I have where Jasper's feet are all on the ground and his ears are forwards. And he's not head bobbing. Caught him in the split second when all of these things came together, I should frame it.

Hmm. This angle is not flattering to Al's belly.

In and out of frostiness.

Hangman Creek covered in ice.

Awesome views.

Heading home. I'm actually pretty pleased at how far behind Jasper can get without getting upset. Now sure, if Alexandre disappeared around a corner it would be a different story, but still.

You can see part of the pasture where they live and the horse trailer parking area through the trees.


allhorsestuff said...

What an EXCELLENT- freezing- ride you had!!!You should frame that lovely pic! It is sure cute of you two..he is so great !!!
Love that place you rode too~

achieve1dream said...

Wow you have such beautiful places to ride. I'm jealous!

Anonymous said...

Lovely ride - thanks for taking us along!

Michelle said...

So pretty with all the frost! But, I'll enjoy it from here! =) I can't believe the size of Alexander's tail! Wow! It's gorgeous.