Friday, December 11, 2009

A REAL Dressage Test

I laugh out loud every time I read this. Just had to share.

A REAL dressage test.

A --Enter extraordinary serpentine.

X --Halt.

G --Try again.

C -- Freeze in horror at judge's stand. Take opportunity to salute quickly.

E --Track left in counterflexed bolt.

FXH --Change rein unextended jig.

H --Canter. Or counter canter, or crosscanter.

M-F --Working out-of-hand gallop.

A --Just try to walk.

KXM --Tesseract, stopping at each corner to rub nose on foreleg.

C --Down center line, working trot bouncing.

X --Pulley rein. Halt. Salute, exhale.

Leave arena in free walk, loose language under breath.


EvenSong said...

Hey. I think I've done that test!!

Meghan said...

ROTFL. My mare did the "extroadinary serpentine" thing yesterday when I rode her. We also do the "traveling halt". My previous mount was good at all kinds of canter variations: counter canter, canter on the forehand, even the occasional flying change.

Andrea said...

You forgot FXH freewalk, stopping at X to pee... and pee.... and peeeeeeeeeeeee. Saw it in not one but two tests. I also saw this one: X halt REAR, totally square landing, salute, continue on to do a very nice test.

Albigears said...

Yes, and what to you call that gait when they canter in front and trot in back? Should get extra points for that one.

Michelle said...

Ha ha ha! I dont' even do dressage and I'm pretty sure I've done that test! Lol. Oh, and I love the personals type descriptions of the horses, I just noticed that! So cute.

Jenn said...

ROFL! This is exactly right!