Friday, December 18, 2009

Riding with Karlin

There really hasn't been much to write about lately. We had a couple of weeks of insanely cold weather (-10 at night) and I was sick for a couple of weeks, and the boys have just been hanging out with the herd being horses. We had 4" of snow this week, then above freezing temperatures and rain for 2 days, and everything is wet wet wet.

The good news is that Karlin is back in town visiting her parents and we decided to try to go for a ride if the forecasted rain didn't appear. (Yesterday it didn't rain at all which gave the ground a day to try to soak up some of the standing water everywhere). I was excited because I hadn't ridden Jasper in... a month? and although I don't get nervous about getting on him after a hiatus I am always interested to see what he will do. I knew that with Alexandre in the lead he would probably be just fine. I was also excited because Alexandre hasn't been ridden since my friend Val came out, and he hasn't seen any of the trails yet.

We put on our neon-orange "don't shoot me" vests and headed out into the woods. The ride was fabulous. The footing was a bit slippery, which is no problem for the super-surefooted Alexandre, but Jasper lagged behind a bit taking little steps and being careful.

Gotta love cell phone pix.

I literally rode on the buckle 95% of the ride. He was my western pleasure pony for a day. I'm sure it was a combo of his Idol Alexandre leading the way and the footing... and maybe he's finally relaxed into his new home. And is starting to trust me more. I am the food lady, after all.

Alexandre was SO happy to go on a ride. He is always alert and interested in everything. He often stops to take in the view if it's a good one. We saw HUGE flocks of wild turkeys and some deer. Karlin noticed that it's hard to see the trail when he sticks hit head straight up in the air- camel style. Yep. He's a very forward mover and usually leads just because he walks out. He also has the endurance of an Arabian, and I learned early on that trying to tire him out doesn't work.

Alexandre's just waiting for someone to go into the tack room- treats magically come out of the there after a ride.

Let. me. eat. that. hay. down. there. now. please.
Jasper gets alfalfa the whole time he's at the hitching post. Trying to get more calories into him. Note new rubber mat. Nooooooooooooo, MY horse did not dig holes to China while tied up there, noooooooooooo...



Kate said...

How nice you got in a lovely ride - I haven't ridden in a while - our footing is no good right now.

achieve1dream said...

I love Alexandre. :D

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have a new draft horse there...

jacksonsgrrl said...

Love the pic of you and Jasper! NICE! Glad you got to ride with your friend! And how nice Jasper was being such a good boy! I love going out with my friend's horses, it is usually (not always) an assurance that J. will be JUST fine... Need to get some orange vests... J. likes to try digging to China too. Do you think the Chinese treat their horses better than us? Is this why they want to dig that far and find a new owner?
Bad bored boys. After leaving him STANDING for 3 hrs. at a time a few times he has become much better about it.... And of course, he is tied to his blocker tie ring so no sit back worries. Gosh, those things are God sent! Thanks again for telling me about them!
Working on the horseshoe!

Albigears said...

Kate, I feel your pain and it's pouring rain again today. Let's have a moment of silence so those with an indoor arena can be thankful.

a1d- Me too!!! And that picture makes his head look HUGE. Like two of his heads would equal a Karlin. Pretty cute.

Mindy, I dunno, but I do offer my friends free passes to China with Jasper as their tour guide. I think he's just interested in learning the language and I'm no help. I am determined to tie him up to something for 3 hours in the near future, just gotta find somewhere to do it.

Michelle said...

Glad you got to enjoy a great ride after being cooped up for so long! Looks very scenic where you are.

juliette said...

Just now found the post about your ride. Looks wonderful! I love your description of Alexandre. Sure footed, taking in the view, camel-style head, endurance. It is like you were describing our horse, Sovereign. And, Jasper...just like Pie...Let me eat that hay...pawing to China! Hope you get to ride again soon. This fall/winter has been the pits for footing (not to mention the mammoth task of mud removal off horses)!