Monday, May 31, 2010

The "draw" is up and we're in.

There's nothing like seeing your name in print to give you heart palpitations. The "draw" (or list of who is officially entered) for Aspen Farms is up and we're on it. It's a fairly prestigious event to enter as a first timer, not exactly low key. But gorgeous. It fills up every year with a wait list. And very close to the barn, I will be able to bring Jasper home every day and won't have to stable him there.

Me. Jasper (show name Calcedon). Beginner Novice. 18 other people in my group.

June 12-14, Yelm, WA
Thur: Cross-country course open-3 pm.
Fri: Dressage
Sat: Show Jumping (N/BN)
Sun: Cross Country (N/BN)

I'm actually most nervous about the show jumping. He's never seen anything but poles, and I know there will be flower boxes, picket fences, etc. Come to think of it, I don't think he's ever really seen an oxer. We are planning on taking a stadium jumping lesson next Sunday, but I don't think the jumps are much other than poles.

Our dressage has improved greatly. I join in on one of the lessons every chance I get and have learned a ton. I am grateful to have an athletic horse who's pretty balanced and very willing. He's done very well despite me up to this point. I knew I was lagging in dressage skills, and the more I learn the more I realize I don't know. Right now we are working on his trot... I am posting with "purpose" and not just following him with a passive seat. It encourages his inside hind leg (well, both hing legs really) to come underneath himself with greater reach. We're also working on transitions, I must not just think it and then quit riding. Push through in downward transitions, tickle his mouth before upward transitions. This week I also need to work on quick transitions, the dressage test is in the small arena and I imagine things are going to happen very, very quickly. We're definitely not quick at the moment. ...Woops, didn't get canter on THAT circle, let's try another one! <-- don't think that's gonna work.

We're going cross country schooling at Northwest Equestrian Center tomorrow, pray for sun. Or just 'not rain'. I had to go buy knee high rubber boots last night in order to keep my sanity in all this mud.


PruSki said...

Good luck at your trial. I worry too about the show jumping, but I have set up some pretty whacky jumps. I am slowly teaching Olly to jump ANYTHING. Good Luck, and I can't wait for pics and video!!!

EvenSong said...

Yah! Sounds like so much fun...I mean what a great challenge for the two of you!
(I'm thinking you might be missing the "dry side" about now, but don't worry, it's been way wet over here too!)
Good Luck!

EvenSong said...
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manymisadventures said...

Woohoo! I will be up there and I can't wait to see you guys go. My trainer will be riding in Open Prelim with her horse Manxome. I will have to wander over when I get a break and say hi :)

You should be able to make up your own scary stadium stuff! Bring a little tarp or blanket to drape over a vertical. Bring out tables if you have them and set them on their side next to the standards as wings so the tabletop faces you. Or just tell the trainer you want to jump Scary Fences and see what happens?

Merri said...

dressage is a total mystery to me (I was totally useless in the few lessons I've taken - make that lessons I was forced to take) - but you make it sound like a good challenge and fun at the same time. good luck!
- The Equestrian Vagabond