Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Into the Sea

The ocean is a spiritual place for me, when I am on a beach with sand and crashing waves I feel like I can breathe again. Calm, meditative...

Not so much when you take your horse there.

There are many things horse threatening things between the trailer and the water. Blowing sea grass, blowing sand, dark sand, light sand, deep sand, the sand that comes off your hooves, driftwood, tire tracks, seaweed, your own shadow.

The foamy stuff left on the sand from the last wave. The waves coming in. The waves going out.

It was very exciting.

Jasper got to accompany Jessica and Josh's 3 stallions that were going to Long Beach, WA for a professional photo shoot.

Luckily he had a big strong (pony) stallion to lead the way...

(Photos courtesy of Carolynn Bunch, check out her website. Thank you Carolynn!)

Cardi providing moral support.

CARDI! Do you not SEE those waves coming STRAIGHT AT US??

Oh, the foam...

During a very athletic head-down-sideways-4-feet-all-at-once leap 10 feet above the horse eating waves, my cell phone fell to the bottom of the sea. I'm just glad I didn't end up there too.

Horse vs. ocean was a very cool experience. And I figure if he was able to set foot in moving ocean water, water complexes on cross country courses shouldn't be a problem. Right? ... right? ..?

I took a few candid snapshots of Josh and Jessica. Here are a few beach pictures of Cardi from last year.

Heading down to the beach through the parking lot.

Jessica & Josh

Nothing like the pro photos, but you get the idea.

Check out Jessica's website Equi-Librium later on for the pics.



allhorsestuff said...

HAHAHA!! I am so laughing at the beach sets of things to be aware of...dark sand-light sands..ect! Too funny! we now have ELK to that list. The "Shadow roll" work fabulous for the foam, I found!
EXCELLENT PICs of you!!! Love them all!
OH My I am drooling..you really look wonderful and sorry about the phone-glad too it was not you!
Loved seeing you there with your beautiful steed~
the Supportive team was down right drop- dead handsome!

PruSki said...

I am glad he got over it and all you lost was a phone. The pictures are great, and I love that paint!

achieve1dream said...

Great pictures!!!!! I especially love the fifth picture and the last picture.

Too bad about your phone, but it sure looked like fun!

EvenSong said...

I agree with 1dream--the fifth photo (of the two of you *almost* silhouetted against the waves) is classic!!
And wearing ones top hat and tails to the beach: priceless. What a neat trip for you both!

Albigears said...

Add "shadow roll" to the list of equipment the next time I go to the beach. Pru- the pinto's name is Wolkenzauber (sp?) and he's an eventer! Training this year, hoping to move up a level at the end of the year. I'm pretty sure he's half paint and is registered warmblood of some kind. I love the pics, it seems as if I'm always the one taking them so it's great to have some of Jasper. It was worth losing the phone. I know, top hat and tails to the beach, right?

EvenSong said...

I know that pinto! I wanted to breed one of my mares to Wolkenzauber, but they all carry the LWO gene, and so does he. I always loved his sire, as well! Winnetou is a black Hanoverian, and the dam was a Paint. Didn't know he was over there on the wet side, from Idaho.

Albigears said...

ES- yes, that's him! He's an eventer now in training with Josh Lacey.