Monday, May 18, 2009

Dressage Test- Video

I was sooo lucky to have one of the boys from the ranch come with us to this show. He helped out a lot, took all the pictures, and this video. It's not high quality but it's still fun! I think he looks *quite* elegant. 6's and 7's on everything, he did better going to the right. 5 on the non-existent free walk.


ETA: We got our test and a THIRD PLACE RIBBON in the mail!!!!!!!


lovlckydcky said...

What a goooood boy !! He looked so relaxed and obedient. What a beautiful trot and walk, so what if he didn't reach down! His walk looked very free and not tense. You looked so forgiving and soft with your aids. Keep doing what youre doing... he seems to be responding really well to it! You guys are going to be hard to beat. You have to start popping him over crossrails :-) Aloha Terri, Jed and Rhudi

BritnieAnn said...

Big patsss!! He looked great! At times his head was very nice, and just think how well he will be doing later after doing this well at his FIRST show! (you ride lovely!)

Serena said...

Kick @$$! :) He looks awesome!

Albigears said...

Thanks guys...!!!