Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cross country, appendages, & a ribbon.

I went to go watch the cross country part of the David Acord clinic at Deep Creek today. It was awesome, of course, and made me want to go ride. He is very nice, friendly, and got on a greenie more than once when her rider was having trouble. Smooth, quiet rider- made it look so easy with her.

I was very surprised that two of the riders were using my saddle- an Ansur treeless jumping saddle. I got it years ago when I couldn't find anything that came remotely close to fitting Alexandre. I mentioned to David that I had that saddle but was concerned it might not be good for cross country, and he said he didn't see why not. So that's a load off! I mean sure, if we ever get to high level eventing things might change but for now it's all good.

My favorite jump of the day was on top of a steep hill- one gal got to do it. Cantered up the hill and jumped over a jump at the top, landing downhill on the other side and cantering/sliding down. Her horse refused the first time but went sailing over it the second. She was all smiles after that and said that her life was complete. She pretty much stayed on a high for the rest of the clinic.

On another note I go into see the hand specialist tomorrow about my fractured finger. As long as all the ligaments are still attached it's all good, no surgery. Then it's just 6 weeks for the bone to heal. If everything is good tomorrow I'm going to see if riding is at all do-able on Tues., and if so am going to plan on the derby this weekend. I'll have to figure out how to hold the reins with no ring finger.

Can you tell which one it is?

OH, and guess what came in the mail? A THIRD PLACE RIBBON! From our dressage test. Baby got third! His first ribbon. Hangin' on the wall.


jacksonsgrrl said...

Oh I am so envious that you are in a place where you can take a clinic! It is not unheard of here, especially around Austin, but I am from the East coast SO coming from there to Western land has been an eye opener. Luckily, I am not the snob I once was and take every opportunity to glean advice and words of wisdom from any riding discipline. I will always be an English rider tho'. BUT five years ago to now have made me so much more open minded about the different riding disciplines. I have gone to see all sorts of Western events and my friend Julie routinely competes in team roping (she's the heeler part) and I love to go support her. I also love to watch folks run barrels; if i were to do anything Western it would prob. be that. Jacks and I would kick QH butt! He's SO fast! I have a VERY hard time with the Western no helmet mentality tho'. In a lot of ways I believe that is why I looked down on it for so long. No horse is bombproof and it seems so conceited to think that you are such a fab rider that you won't fall off!!!! The nurse in me knows too much about head injuries to have this be acceptable. (Paired with the fact that I have a propensity to land on my head for some reason :) OK sorry about the ramble! Congrats on getting your ribbon in the mail (happy day--it's BIG and BEAUTIFUL) and even more so that all your ligaments ARE ATTACHED!!! Woo hoo! Definitely the ring finger I'd say. It looks VERY swollen!!!
I'm sure you will figure out a way to ride with it...BTW...Just say no to a trailer tie for setting back. You all were right. It broke just like everything else! None of the snap hit Jacks tho. ARGH! More tack down the drain. Blast! An old cowboy I just met has told me what to buy, it's actually some sort of round ring that your lead rope goes through and gives them lots of give without added dangers like a snap in the face, and has a quick release mechansim. No dangers from the equipment itself at least. When I get it I'll post you a pic and let you know how it worked.....

Jenn said...

I love being able to audit learn so much just watching other riders. Sometimes more than actually riding in the clinic because you aren't so concentrated on YOUR own ride that you get to learn from others, too.

Man, that finger looks AWFUL! I feel for ya.

Jacksonsgrrl...would that be a Blocker Tie Ring? I have one and LOVE it. My TB, Gabe, did not know how to stand tied when I got him, and being 17hh, it just wasn't safe to let him sit back and fight it out. He busted one 6X6 post set in concrete and I decided to try the Blocker instead of risking his neck. It's nice because it helps you teach them to tie but has enough "give" to ease their panic when they do sit back. And, you can take it with you and use it on a trailer, too. Very nice. Worth the investment.

Serena said...


Albigears said...

Yep, sometimes you just have to take advantage of what's available... even if it isn't your first choice. Some of the western disciplines are pretty amazing- just look at reining! The cowboys seem to have that good ole' boy camaraderie thing goin' on.

OK, I'm buying a Blocker Tie Ring tomorrow. I've heard good things about them. I take it you don't have to bolt them to a wall?

Doc says he can't tell if the ligaments are good or not due to the swelling and stiffness. Go back in next Mon. Gonna try to ride tomorrow.

jacksonsgrrl said...

YEP! Pretty sure that's what it is!!! Hmmm. Can't wait to try this one... He doesn't sit back for NO reason, but on his spooky days it takes almost NOTHING for a sit back. And now he knows he can do it and I SWEAR he enjoys breaking my tack! :) Maybe he hasn't liked the colors and styles I have purchased and purchased....GRIN. Thanks for giving me a name for the ring, now I know what to tell em when I go to the feed store! Glad you rode, but the nurse in me says BE CAREFUL till you know the complete extent of the damage. The rider in me says GO GIRL!! :) So was I right about which finger it was? :)