Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ride Times

I just got my ride time for Saturday's dressage show and got really nervous. All those "what ifs" coming to the surface, along with all the second guessings (I've only had him 6 weeks! He's not even 4-years-old yet, not until June 4th! He's an OTTB! Am I pushing it?)

We're going into Intro B at 11:42.



Serena said...

You will be FINE. OTTBs have seen it all! Shows are just like races. Although you might want to put some ground rails around your home arena and "build" a little dressage arena before Saturday so he gets used to it and doesn't cavaletti right out of it.
Please PLEASE show him as "Wet Noodle." :)
Is someone going to be taking pictures???

Albigears said...

Haha, I was too nervous to ride in the arena today so I took him on a trail ride. Which would have been relaxing except it's only the second time he's been out alone. He was awesome- he went through the swampy area, trotted up the hay field, and jumped over the ditch.

I bought a Myler bit today, I hope he'll now be able to close his mouth!

BritnieAnn said...

Oh I'm so excited for you!! And from all that he has shown you so far, he is going to most likely go in there and amaze you again at how great he is about everything. All you gotta do is sit up there and look pretty, hehe. Best wishes!

allhorsestuff said...

Wow, that all sounds fantastic for a ride day and GREAT JOB!
I have not shown yet but feel I need some truer eyes to see us and help..and a place to ride! Do not have an arena to pra tice in right now...just trailering to some once in awhile.

Whddya mean can't shoot eyes?? Look at your fab header!
Thanks for the visit!!