Tuesday, May 19, 2009

video- Jasper's first jumps!

I sent my entry in for the Deep Creek Derby on June 6th in Medical Lake. We're doing the Rockhopper division, which consists of USDF Intro Test A, and a course of 12" jumps on the cross country course including water. I get to have a lead rider. :)

Today I set up some cross rails to see what he would do. Here he is:

He was forward and willing, but didn't rush. He didn't seem to worried about it. I didn't do anything but stay still and grab mane in case he leaped. Um... this was pretty fun.



BritnieAnn said...

I LOVE IT!! Is there anything this guy doesn't just do as if he's been doing it forever? Great vid! I also liked seeing it because I want to try my totally western QH mare over some jumps but not sure what to do with a horse that has never jumped before. So just hold mane and be still sounds good to me, lol! (actually with as lazy as she is, I'll probably be having to beat her to death with the crop to get her to jump and not walk/stop over it lol)

That show sounds way fun! Whos gonna be your lead horse?

The Pughs said...

Wow! He has hops!!! Glad to see you're having so much fun with him. He has come such a long way in such a short time.

Andrea said...

AWWW he's so cute!!!

Albigears said...

BA, I started with ground poles and had him trot over them. Then I put four in a row and made trot poles. The trot poles were confusing to him at first and it took a while for him to realize he could actually trot through them. We did this for a couple of days.

On the day he jumped I started off with poles on the ground the same place as the jump was going to be, and had him trot over them. Then put them up into Xs and he just continued to trot over them.

My worst fear is getting behind and catching my horse in the mouth as he is jumping. Since I had no idea what he was going to do I just grabbed mane. I actually grab mane a lot with the greenies. I want him to learn that it's OK to use his head and neck, and he won't get punished for it.

Good luck with your mare! I had a QH mare that could jump the moon, it's possible...!

The show actually provides the lead riders. I'm worried more about going through the water complex than anything...

He IS a cute lil hopper...

jacksonsgrrl said...

Awesome girl! I know the excitement you must be feeling. I took Jackson over our first jumps (other than cavaletti) two weeks ago--they were 12 inchers too, and I had a smile pasted on my face for hours afterwards! He loves the jumps and is sooo forward and willing to go anywhere and try most anything! When other more experienced horses are afraid to try something out on the trail, Jackson gets sent to show them how it's done!!! He is coming FAR really FAST!!!
Congrats on your progress, I am excited for you!!!