Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Krystle jumps!

As we're marketing Krystle as a Dressage/jumping/english pleasure prospect, I thought it might be good to see if she will actually jump. Last week freejumping was a wreck, so I figured I'd try popping her over few obstacles while riding. We don't have poles or standards at the ranch (other than old 6' fence posts, which we were using before) but we DO have 3 barrels. We laid them side by side, led her up to them, and got her to hop over from a standstill a couple of times. I got on and she was a superstar. Trotted in very steady but not straight the first 2 times, and by the 3rd time trotted in steady and straight.

What a good girl!

It's tough trying to sell a 14.3 hand horse. Especially one that's part Arab.

I took advantage of having my volunteer Maria out today with a video camera in hand, so here's Jasper in his 3rd week at the ranch. I'm still only lightly riding him as he's in the process of putting on weight. He constantly tries to spit the bit out and his tongue is over it the whole time. I'm hoping this resolves itself soon. I'd rather not have to clamp his mouth shut with his tongue in place all the time, especially on trail rides.

After this we went on another trail ride! (Actually the same one. Our fearless leader Hershey Horse led the way this time). The 4 y.o. palomino QH came too and they were both great. Well actually Jasper nailed her when she got too close behind him and got in big trouble. Other than that, though, great.

So I rode Krystle, rode Jasper, and then the boys got home from school and it was time for Tuesday's riding lesson. We were on a time crunch today so I had them all ride bareback with halters and lead ropes instead of with saddles and bridles. (Did mention we have some pretty stellar horses??) The 3 boys led their horses into the arena and their eyes got real big when they saw the barrels set up next to each. "Did you JUMP"???

I very quickly went over and dismantled the jump. Boys believe they are invincible.

I did leave a pole for them to go over.


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