Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jasper Runs

Jasper runs. I've seen him do it 3 times now, he just takes off running. He does lap after lap after lap after lap of the pasture. None of the other horses run with him, they don't even seem to notice him. He's not running from anything, he seems to just be doing it for the love of stretching out.

There's that TONGUE

Definitely a Thoroughbred.
...and then he drinks.


Jenn said...

Gabe (my 5-year old OTTB) does the same thing! Just runs and runs and runs, obviously for the pure pleasure of it. The other horses stand there and watch him like he's lost his mind.

Albigears said...

It's gotta be a TB thing! I didn't truly understand the "born to run" thing until now.

allhorsestuff said...

HAHA!! Oh Jasper...you keep on running..it is so beautiful, and good for you too!