Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I think poor Jasper is losing even more weight. He gets chased around, gets to eat last, and can't wear a blanket. I'm bringing him in 3x a day for Equine Senior, Rice Bran, oil, and Biotin. He also spends the afternoon with all-he-can-eat-hay which he gets bored with after a while. He got his feet done last week and they actually look pretty good for a TB, although quite small. He's a bit ouchy on the LF at the moment so all riding has been put on hold.
The vet comes out next week for teeths and sheathes, so she's gonna check out his clicking stifles. She didn't sound too concerned on the phone.
His personality is soooooo awesome. He is smart and friendly, and has the cutest face EVER!

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