Thursday, April 2, 2009

He's Here!

Arrived at Portland Meadows at 6:30 am in the dark and rain. Little TB no-name was a superstar and loaded up pretty well. I don't think he moved on the whole 7+ hour ride home, I don't think he even breathed. We drove through torrential downpour through the gorge, sunshine in the ugly desert, and (oh joy) SNOW when we arrived in Spokane.

After many warnings about turning out OTTBs for the first time, I decided to do it anyway. I didn't think he would run through our outdoor arena fence, I mean, it's pretty obvious. He's used to sand footing at the track, and I put Alexandre in there so he would have a buddy.

He struggled backing out of the trailer. It took a long time and he was really nervous. He was ancy but let me take his sheet off and let me lead him past the huge scary hay tarps and into the arena. He ran around with Alexandre which was pretty funny- he's so light and lean and athletic, and Alexandre is a 1300+lb tank who's overweight right now. He seemed thrilled to be out but never acted crazy.

Can I just say that after seeing him out and running around I LOVE him. He is gorgeous. And so athletic and fluid. He has a beautiful head and neck and just seems really balanced to me. I think with some groceries and training he's really going to be something.

Put some winter jammies on (he's got no winter hair! And it's snowing still, apparently) and left him in the arena with Alexandre overnight. It's good for them to bond as I'll probably be ponying him off Al later on.

Going to work is gonna be pretty fun...!


The Pughs said...

wow! How cool! I love the pics, especially of him rolling on his back. He looks so fun! Are you still going to call him Otis? By the way - Ryan always wanted to name his son Otis... but I vetoed it so it's yours :)

Kathryn said...

This boy is cute, cute, cute. Congratulations!

Albigears said...

Thanks! I'm more excited every day about him. Thanks Linds, it's good to know Otis is still available... why did you veto such a good name?

Serena said...

Hooray!!! He looks like he has TONS of potential.