Friday, April 17, 2009

Clipper Hairs Everywheres

I'm putting 2 of the ranch horses up for sale as they are not good kid's horses. I also had to cut our budget by thousands and it doesn't make sense to have horses around that are not being used. One is a gorgeous dapple grey registered QH mare that just needs time and life experiences. The other is a little Arab/TB/QH cross that also needs life experiences and consistent riding.

I mention this because I needed to get some pictures of the little grade mare and so chopped 8 inches of her mane off and clipped her beard off and a bridle path. I have tiny bits of hair all the way down my sleeves, through my sweatshirt and t-shirt, and in my underwear. How does the hair do this? And I still have 9 horses to go. I need a rubber suit.

Isn't she cute? Anyone want a 14.3 hand A-rab cross?

I rode Jasper lightly today. It was windy and rainy and he was good. He's hard to turn- completely throws his shoulder out so he's been learning about outside rein (that it doesn't mean stop). Major accomplishment today- he did a turn on the forehand both directions! A 180 to the left, and a180 to the RIGHT. (His hard direction). What a gooooooood boooooooooooy!

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