Monday, April 6, 2009

Hair Did

Apparently Little no name does not like blankets. There are still huge chunks of blanket spewn all around the pasture. White fuzzy stuffing looks like piles of snow. I guess this morning it was in pieces hanging off of his neck. I'm still not sure how it happened.

He got his hair did today. Actually he got his first full-body groom. He came into the paddock in front of the barn and ate grass hay non stop for about 3 hours. While he was chowing down I curried and brushed his whole body (check- no problems), sprayed show sheen in his tail (uncheck- need to work on that), and evened up his mane. I did some spring cleaning and he ate.

He went to explore the adjoining muddy paddock because I accidentally left the gate open.
When I left he was back in front of the barn eating.

When the boys got home from school they were dying to ride as it's our second day of sun. We went out into the arena to get ready (it's the only place that's not knee deep mud). Today, maybe it was because his belly was so full of hay, noname stood very quietly. He got a bareback pad put on his back and a bridle put on his head. He is not going to be thrilled about cinches later on, but other than that didn't seem to care at all. He came into the middle of the arena with me and walked in slow circles again. I ended up having to stand on a big bucket so I could see everyone over his back. The boys were playing tag at the end, and he got quite surprised when a horse would come trotting towards him. Apparently they don't to that at the track. He was very interested in what was going on.


My name is Roxie said...

Some horses just HAZ to be nekkid.

Albigears said...

Um, yeah, apparently. Pieces of blanket keep appearing...