Friday, June 5, 2009


There was a big windstorm last night, and I was worried about the tarp in Jasper's pen scaring him so bad he'd do something stupid. I drove in this morning and looked across the pasture and was relieved to see him standing in his pen.

Only when I got out there he wasn't. He was actually laying down in the pasture next to it. Both gates are still chained up. He doesn't have any hair missing, any scars, or any swelling. He was sound and I rode today, one last ride before our derby tomorrow.

The LOWEST part of the fence is 4'7. Plus he would have had to jump out uphill.

This definitely did nothing to help his tarp fear, *ugh*. But... the pony can jump.

His pen is on the other side of him. This is what he jumped out of.



Jenn said...

Ooh...what a booger! He's got jump in him, that's for sure!

Can you fold up the tarp really small and put it back under his feed tub, just small enough where he's not having to walk on it, but be near it to get to his feed? As he gets used to it being there, gradually make it bigger until he's walking on it and it's no big deal to him at all.

Andrea said...

Haha welllll... he can jump, that's for sure! XD

allhorsestuff said...

Oou! Can't wait to hear and maybe see too! Good Luck and be brave!
I was riding when that freak storm hit our area like a wall of thunder and lightening!