Saturday, June 6, 2009

Deep Creek Derby 6.6.09

Pretty Deep Creek ribbon. 6th! They asked me if I wanted the ribbon.. well DUH!!! Are you kidding???

He did it did it did it! He was very nervous, there was SO much to look at. You had to go through the creek to get to the competition area- thanks to all the kind people on horses that helped us out again and again. And again. I love eventers. We were really late due to some mishaps on the way and only had 10 minutes to warm up for dressage, and our test wasn't nearly what it was last time but he did all of it, every move. He was very afraid of the jumps and scooted away as soon as he landed on the other side. I grabbed mane on every single one of those 12" jumps with my good hand. He only refused the water. Thank you lead rider from heaven, we couldn't have done it without you.

More later, gotta go!

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Terri said...

Right on!!