Monday, June 29, 2009

Pro Photos

I know I know, who gets pro photos of a 12" jump course? Well I do, apparently!

So there!

(Please forgive my equitation)

Wait... what?

Um... so hey. All the poles stayed up.

Water at last.

This row of logs did NOT get us thanks to Jasper's awareness of such monsters.

Love his expression in this one! My hand with the broken finger looks weird.


Anonymous said...

I love the "I have to jump Really Big" expressions on your horse's face - what a brave horse! And brave you, too - these jumps are bigger for your horse than any to be jumped later!

Albigears said...

Haha... so true. I figure we actually jumped a BN course here... heh.

I sure hope the jumps get "smaller" with time!

jacksonsgrrl said...

AWESOME!!! I would buy the pics too! What an accomplishment! He has so much scope, he is ready for the big jumps, at least in form eh?
Can't wait to show Jackson!

Serena said...

he is such a cute!

BritnieAnn said...

Jasper is SO HANDSOME! Looove the log jump, hilarious! I def would have bought them too!!

Patricia said...

I love your horse's enthusiasm! I'm sure with confidence and practice he'll be less inclined to launch himself, but you did a good job sticking with him.

allhorsestuff said...

Oh, look at your two..loving the shots. He does look pensive over the logs! Can't touch this -look on his face!
Good start and what your smiles!
Kacy w/Wa mare