Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Schooling Show 6/20/09

So I took 4 of the boys from the ranch, 3 horses, and a snotty pony to a little low-key schooling show on Sat. Jasper came to get "the experience". He nervously did 2 dressage tests- Intro A and Training 1 (where he got the wrong lead 6 times), an in-hand AND a ridden trail course, and some pleasure classes.

The trail course included a BRIDGE. With flapping flags on both sides.

And trot poles set for ponies.

And the best thing? ROXIE (from I is Roxie) was there! And here she is in pleasure class with Jasper...

Here they are after their last class. Roxie is even cuter in real life. No, my horse is not a little pony... he's actually narrow but full-sized.

The boys all did well although their classes were huge (16+ kids in each class) and scary. Bolting, bucking horses and total beginners do not mix. Everyone ended up getting a little ribbon for something. Actually the best prize of the day was a second-place rosette (only first and second places got rosettes) that went to one of our horses in a halter class. We had just finished unloading the horses when they announced the first class of the day- halter. The boys have no idea how to do halter (and neither do I) but it was a "go in as many classes as you want for a flat fee" so I told them to head on in with their old nylon halters and lead ropes and the judge liked one of our horses. The kiddo didn't know what to do and the horse was not standing square by any means but WAS frozen in fear from the minis in the arena so didn't move around much. None of our other horses placed but the one that did was 20 years old- so that's nice!


Terri said...

What a gooood boy...Thats the funniest video ever... I don't think he could of gotten any lower.. unless he got to his knees and crawled over ... he was ready for anything ... earthquaaaaaake

Kate said...

Just found you! Thanks for commenting - we have one off-the-track TB who is all bay with no markings - Dawn.

jacksonsgrrl said...

Sounds like fun!!!! I wish we had those opportunities here. Maybe we have a couple, but not like we did on the East coast! Jackson and I need quite a few more dressage lessons to even attempt a schooling show....BUT... I have one today! HOORAY!!!!!
Cute videos!

BritnieAnn said...

That bridge video is SO FUNNY!! What a good boy Jasper was, I don't know that any of my horses would have braved it!!

And loved seeing him and Roxie together, so cute!!

Poet said...

What a wonderful blog about a wonderful cause. I really appreciate what you're doing.

allhorsestuff said...

Oh! Too blame cool to be in that class with Roxie!!!He did a great job!
I am still cracking upo with the bridge...he does like to jump and I thought he'd jump the whole thing...!!!
And in slow mo "good job Jasper" sounding like a monster talking is so hilaiarous!
Wow...this is all so great!