Monday, June 8, 2009

the LAST post about Deep Creek!

No really it is. When I look back on these I want to have everything kind of in place.

I'm ordering professional pictures, this being Jasper's first derby and all. Plus I've wanted to compete on the Deep Creek grounds for 6 years now- from back when it was a sanctioned 3-Day event.

Here we are: jumping pics

There are some water shots on the page before that. The lead rider was so nice, she took us back to the water after the last rider to school. As we were walking out, a little girl said, "Ooh that's that cute runaway horse!" Hmmm.

Plus I got a chance to look at the rest of the footage the boys shot, and found the warm up. Which was done much better than the competition course. Plus he's cute.

"All right guys, over to the big time"... hrmph. Yes, the 'big time' course of 12" (and under) jumps. Ha! :)



Serena said...

he is SPRING loaded!! :)

Anonymous said...

He's so cute!!! H's so light on his feet. I love your soft reins and generous release. Great way to start him jumping, give him confidence and keep him enjoying himself.

Albigears said...

I should have called him Tigger.

Thanks Terri, your compliments mean a lot.

allhorsestuff said...

Oh..he does look like he enjoys it..once if figured it all out!You are good at not hitting him as he springs to it..he will always be willing with your good balance as he learns when to tek off!
Adorable expression!
thanks for all you comforting comments to me too!

jacksonsgrrl said...

He looks great! I wish you were nearer so I could get more advice on starting my guy over fences. We're doing OK, but I have never trained a horse! My dream is three day eventing, but starting out with dressage as I believe it is the key to sound training. Once we have that in hand a bit better he has already displayed the willingness and ability to jump!
Do you think you could send me an e-mail with a pic attached of your blocker tie-ring? Or can I find it in a catalog? My cowboy friend explained it and I get what it MOST LIKELY looks like, but am getting blank looks from the local feed store folks. One even called her supplier and he knew what I meant (the store worker DID NOT), but couldn't get it for me!!!!
I would SOOOO appreciate a pic or a catalog reference!

Albigears said...

I hope he likes jumping, or at least has the potential to. Right now he's a little freaked out about it as he thinks the poles are going to bite him! (Right now my 'training' consists of getting him to the jump and grabbing mane). :)

Blocker Tie Ring:

jacksonsgrrl said...

Thanks so much! :) Well, no better way to find out then to do exactly what you have been, eh? Jackson seems to be really into it so far, but I have only take him over tiny things, nothing over a foot. Time will tell for both of our guys eh?